Betting Into A Winning Streak

This way, you are up 7 units before you go back to 1 unit and if that unit should lose, you only lose 1 unit instead of starting back to zero.

Ron Raymond is a pioneer in the online sports handicapping business. In fact, this is where you find streaking teams who’ve been hot on the side or a total and you ride them until one of the wheels falls off! The reason this is one of the best forms of wagering is because half of the work is done for you, as you are basically riding out a team’s sides or totals success. Since 1996, Ron has been sending his clients to only the most reliable and Best Sportsbooks in the online gaming industry. We have a nice little feature where people make 1 pick a day, if they win their pick, they receive credit for 1 win and so on and so forth, once they hit 17 wins in a row, they will win $10,000. Plus, it’s 100% free to play streakcatcher. other teams, than that’s a nice situation to be streak betting.

Another way of finding a hot streaking system, follow the “Streakcatcher” leader at Indians and the total is 9.0 and it’s -120 for the OVER and +100 for the UNDER and all of a sudden you see the line moving to -110 for the O/U, then -120 to the UNDER, there’s a good indication the money is starting to pour in on the UNDER.

Article Directory:

Being informed is being sharp!

Hope this was helpful and that it brings you a small fortune.

But, when do you jump on the streak? Normally, I like to jump on a team after their third win, but I recommend you examine the situation when teams face their 4th games, as they could be a coming off a 3 game home stretch and then they are on the road, which is a tough situation for any team. Plus, if a streakcatcher player wins 3 games in a row, Belmont Sportsbook will give them a $100 betting account and 7 wins in a row, will give them a $250 free play. Therefore, what I normally like to do, wait until the line comes out and if the line is over -150 or so, I will normally lay -1.5, as you might get some dog money or lower spread money line. What I normally do when streak betting is lay 1 unit on the 4th game, and then double up until I hit the 3 game cycle. But if you’re looking for winning picks, the Streakcatcher is just another way of finding a hot hand!. For example; I will lay 1 unit on game number 4, if the play wins, I will then lay 2 units on game number 5, and 4 units on game number 6 and then if you keep winning, go back to one unit and start the cycle over again. Therefore, if you’re looking to wager with a safe and Sportsbook Bonuses , please consider one of Ron’s Internet sportsbooks Sports Betting Systems

Another thing you should be doing when streak betting, follow the betting line. However, the only downfall about hot teams, you’re not the only one who knows about it, as the bookmakers are hot on their trail as well and will adjust the betting line accordingly.

Do you have a strategy when you make your bets? Do you just glance over the daily m88 sport betting line without doing your homework and just go on a gut feeling or do you research your picks? How do you follow up a winning day? Do you double up and just give the Sportsbooks back their money? In fact, your betting style will determine what kind of sports bettor you are, either you’re a weekend warrior, a novice bettor looking to improve, or you’re a season vet who gambles for a living.

There’s many ways to lay a bet, you can bet on 2,3,4 or 10 games a day, you can parlay bet, bet teasers etc…However, one of the best types of betting is what I like to call “streak betting”. However, the best form of “streak betting” is wagering on the totals, as it seems teams can have more success in the totals than the sides, as it’s not unusual to see a team ride out 9 overs or 8 unders on one streak. Ideally, if you can get a baseball team between series in a home and home series vs. I recommend you go to and go to the “Line Moves” section and monitor the line movements, this is just another tool to help ease your mind when streak betting, knowing the money is on the same side as your bet. Jim Leyland’s Tigers!

By: ron11

Now, the most important thing to know about “streak betting” is money management. In fact, at the time of this write up on August 21st 2007, the Texas Rangers are on a 10 game “under streak” and the Cleveland Indians just rang up number 7 vs. Let’s say for example, the line opens Tigers vs

the basics and how to play baccarat

The baccarat rules also offer to deal a second hand. These pay even money but a winning banker bet you would be paid 5% commission. If the banker’s first two cards have a total of 3 to 6, then either the player draws or the banker draws the card.


Before marching for the baccarat table, there are numerous issues that should be learned by baccarat players. These issues include money management, baccarat odds. But that majority of baccarat games make use of only one hand which narrows down the betting options for players.

A third card may be dealt to the player (Punto) and the bank (Banco) based on the three-card-rules. The winning hand has the higher point total. 15 is numbered as 5 and 25 is numbered as 5.

The basics and how to play baccarat

Player’s third-card-rule

When the banks total is equal to 4 then the bank must draws a third card and the player’s third card should be 0, 1, 8, or 9.

Banker bet

Player bet

Tie (standoff)

Baccarat also known as Punto Banco is a casino game played between 12 to 14 players on the dice table with three casino dealers. Dealer would tell you when to draw a third card, at the beginning of the game how much cards to cut from the deck and so on.

The Rules

When the bank’s total is 2 or less than 2 then bank has permission to draw a card.

When the bank’s total is equal to 3 then the bank draws a third card regardless the players having third card with total of 8.

To start, the players bet either on Banco or Punto or Standoff. Baccarat is a simple link vao m88 game, here one can place bets on three single types of bets:

Bank’s third-card-rule

Rules for the banker hand:

If the bank’s total is equal to 7 then the bank stands.


A player may place his bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. Players would need to get the suitable baccarat strategy for them and learning baccarat terminology properly, which is a wide part of learning skills related to play baccarat. When the player get a point total of 9 or 8 which is known as “natural” he wins less the banker with the same hand value.

When the total of player’s card is less than or equal to 5 the player’s hand must draws a third card.

When the bank’s total is 6 then the bank must draw a third card and players third card has 6 or 7.

If the first two cards having total of 6 or more, then the player does not draw any card. Single digit values are more valid. The object of the game is to bet on the hand that you think will have the highest total value.

The game is played around a table with a distinctive baccarat layout; the size of the table is similar to the craps table. There is no value for all face cards and 10s. These rules are not necessarily to learn to play, they are generally automatic compulsory decisions.

Baccarat is played with a six-deck or an eight-deck shoe. The dealer announces two statements one is “card for the player” which means the player must draw a card and second one is “card for the banker” means the same for the banker.

If the player or the bank have a total of 8 or 9 on the first two cards then no further cards are drawn. The resulting hand is known as natural after that hand is over.

When the bank’s total is equal to 5 then the bank draws a third card unless player’s third card has 4, 5, 6, or 7.

A third card is dealt in certain cases. Two dealers handle gamblers at each side of the table and the third manages the game itself.

When all bets are made after that the dealer deals two cards to himself and one for the player who is playing the hand. The rules of baccarat game are strict and do not allow players to choose much options. Cards which are less than 10s counted at face value, Aces has worth 1. About 12-14 players can be seated around the baccarat table and three dealers manage these tables. If you do not understand the rules completely as how to play baccarat even then it does not create any problem to play it because on each and every stage you would be guided by the dealer. If the total of these two cards of banker is 0, 1, or 2, then the banker draw only one card. Any count that approaches a double digit drops the left digit. Baccarat depends upon two principal bets: banker or player – Banco plus Standoff. The card dealer provides two cards each; first to the player and then the banker. A tie bet pays having ratio of 8:1.

If the total of banker’s first two cards is 7 or more, then the banker does not draw any card. If the total of player’s first two cards is 5 or less, the player has permission to draw additional card.

If the player does not draw a third card, then the bank’s hand takes 6 or more and stands a third card on the total of 5 or less.


Rules for the player hand:. In this community game all players play with the same hand

5 Television Shows like Game of Thrones

They are constantly in a struggle for gaining social status and seeking to ruin those that would stand in their way.

. It focuses on previously small town sheriff Rick Grimes in his struggle to keep his family and small group of survivors alive through a time when the remaining living are just as dangerous as the flesh hungry undead. The Borgias follow the House of Borgia from Spain who reside in Rome. After the Pope dies, the head of the Borgia family Cardinal Borgia fancies to be the new one. There is no better place for devious plots than in ancient Rome. Of course, Game of Thrones won out, but The Borgias is definitely not a bad watch. The shows below capture the best aspects of Game of Thrones. We also like the depth of the plot and the engaging nature of the characters, the shows below have those too.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

Amazon Price: $39.98 $10.59

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(price as of Oct 6, 2013)

The Tudors

The Tudors: The Complete Series

Amazon Price: $99.98 $63.59

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(price as of Oct 6, 2013)

You have read all the books, you have watched the past seasons eight hundred times and yet you still can’t get enough of the Game of Thrones series. However, if not it is an excellent choice to occupy your Game of Thrones free time. The problem being that the church of Rome forbid divorces. Interestingly enough, this series historically happened just after the Spartacus rebellion of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Like in The Borgias and Spartacus: Blood and Sand we return to the city of this HBO series’ namesake–Rome. Ancient Rome is just as filled with intrigue, sex, and betrayal as Game of Thrones is if not more. The Tudors is filled with religious rebellion, both from King and country, cheating wives, and devious plots.

The Borgias

The Borgias: The First Season

Amazon Price: $39.98 $19.82

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(price as of Oct 6, 2013)


Rome: The Complete Series

Amazon Price: $79.96 $54.96

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(price as of Oct 6, 2013)

Undoubtly if you watch Game of Thrones you probably already watch AMC’s The Walking Dead. In fact, the plots of the shows are rather similar. Martin and Robert Kirkman (the author of The Walking Dead comic book) just love to kill off your favorite characters for sport.

While no show below captures the vast and beautiful fantasy world that is created in the Game of Thrones story, they do encompass a lot of the things we love about the show any way.

The Borgias was Showtime’s answer to Game of Thrones. This series follows the transition of Rome from Republic to Empire under the thumb of Julius Ceasar. One can only watch the past season of Game of Thrones so many times before you can start reciting lines before they are said.

The Tudors, in a way, is almost exactly like Game of Thrones. As you can imagine, the church did not ignore this slight to their authority.

However, he is not the only cardinal who means to take that spot. Especially with the sex. Your favorite characters may be shot dead by survivors or ambushed by undead and eaten. If you are unfamiliar with history, King Henry VIII was desperate to produce a son so that he could have an heir. Over the long days between episodes or the even longer months between seasons of HBO’s hit television show us ravenous fans need something to fill the time in between our adventures in Westeros. Henry VIII defied the church of Rome and divorced his wives not once, but four times in order to produce an heir. The Walking Dead may have different settings, but it does share a common theme–Everyone dies. They are just as naughty as the upper class of Westeros in Game of Thrones. When The Tudors ended in 2010, a lot of their diehard fans found solstice in Game of Thrones. If prudes click their tongues at Game of Thrones for its graphic sex scenes, I think the barely-above-pornography nature of Spartacus: Blood and Sand may very well give them a heart attack. George R.R. Murder, sex, intrigue, everything you would expect from and HBO series is again present in Rome just like it is in Game of Thrones.

We certainly can’t rely on George R.R. While it is not set in a vast and interesting fantasy world, it is set in Ancient Rome. His first wife had only managed to produce a daughter and he wanted to remarry to someone who could produce a son. However, what can you expect from Ancient Rome, a time known for their hedonism and debauchery. The shows have power hungry scheming by naughty nobles, raunchy sexual and often graphic encounters, and gratuitous violence. Martin to release his new book into the series anytime soon, so thus we must turn to television. This particular incarnation on the classic story is heavy on the blood and styled in a way that makes it very similar to the movie 300. However, this time instead of focusing primarily on the lower slave class of Rome, this historical drama follows the cunning lives of the upper class.

We all know how naughty the upper class of Rome is. Both series started in April 2011, so they were in stiff competition. While the story is fairly straight forward and does not have massive in-depth schemes for power that can be found in Game of Thrones, it is a powerful story of family and loyalty.

The Walking Dead takes place in the modern day world after the zombie apocalypse. Of course, that is not all we like Game of Thrones for. In fact there are even a few videos of The Tudors opening set to Game of Thrones music. Perhaps you are one of those fans already.

If not, this historical drama follows the tumultuous reign of King Henry VIII of England. If you like Game of Thrones for the intrigue and plots within plots, there is plenty of that found among the Romans when they are not busy having orgies or watching their slaves brutally murder each other for sport. In this kind of historical drama, The Vatican turns into King’s Landing a little too quick with all the assassinations and power hungry plots.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – The Complete First Season

Amazon Price: $59.98 $19.72

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(price as of Oct 6, 2013)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is everything Game of Thrones is.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand brings to life the story of the Thracian gladiator Spartacus who led slaves in rebellion to ravage the southern bits of Italy

Become A Proficient Horse Handicapper

These hot tips can come from anyone including trainers, jockeys, exercise riders, owners, grooms, clockers, and hotwalkers. They are winning because of veterinarians and not because of their horse training! I suggest that you do not consider them a so called hot tip!

Another so called inside tip is when you are told to place a bet on a first time starter who has been working well.

By: bleuze

You will occasionally see certain trainers who have operated at a 10 percent win clip for their entire careers. Many of owners think that because their exercise rider or jockey tells them that their horse worked exceptionally well, that the horse will win. Owners are also influenced by trainers who are trying some new medication or equipment on a horse, but you are better off looking at the program yourself for equipment changes. Long gone are the days when a trainer would work a horse up to 10 times out of the gate and seven furlongs in company before staring in a six furlong race. You can find out more on his website,

Article Directory: These tips are not usually hot. These types of bets can make a horse a favorite in a short time. Many trainers nowadays give their horses as few as three gate works before entering them in race, and you will rarely see a workout longer than six furlongs on a first-time starter. Thus, they tell all their close friends, who in turn tell everyone else, until all the connected money shows up at the windows.

Many horse bettors like to watch for the big money bets that occasionally flow into the mutuel pools just before post time. If you have not yet placed a bet, I suggest th you simply skip the race. There are ther races!

With three different and often misinformed groups influencing the odds at various stages of the process leading up to post time, it pays to do your homework and wait for the odds to work in your favor. It is a money thing!

Many of the owners are biased in favor of their own horse to start with, followed by jockeys, trainers, jockey agents and exercise riders. Despite the fact that these big late bets are often based on superior insider information and/or information products the general public does not have access too, it has been statistically proven that they predict success at about the same rate as the public. They may know their horse is feeling good, but they fail to take into account the competition in the race. If you think these proven losers have all of a sudden become master horsemen and exceptional horse trainers; you are mistaken.


Richard Bleuze provides articles and information on the sport of horse betting.

The most profitable approach is not only to become a proficient handicapper, but also to become adept at creating your own odds line.

Many horse bettors and racetrack workers will often assume that a hot tip from someone who works at the track (jockey, trainer, owner, etc) is a good thing. Now all of a sudden, they are winning 30 to 40 percent or higher. But why?

Mainly because the people who create the hot tips are concerned only with their own horse without consideration for the other horses in race. These trainers get hot for a few seasons and disappear into oblivion. In fact, more often than not, they can be a disaster. Besides the fact that the tipsters have generally not considered the other horses in the race, the trainer usually will not have the horse ready to go the distance in an actual race. Owners take advice from trainers, who in turn are influenced by jockeys and exercise riders. A hot tip from someone in the supposely know can spread like wild fire until it makes its way to the betting windows

Sports betting vs. the stock market: Which is riskier?

Which casino in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or Macau pays the bettor 73% of the time?” said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at S&P Capital IQ. Heck, even his commercials are funny.

“A lot of people regard investing as gambling, but I frequently say no. People often invest in funds that buy dozens or even hundreds of stocks, which helps reduce the risk.

In the long run, investors have the chance to make more money because there are fewer downside risks.

Manning is really, really good at what he does for a living.

However, someone sinking $500 into Apple stock has little risk of losing that entire initial investment, especially in the short term. For example, a stop-loss order instructs a broker to dump a stock when it tumbles below a specific price.

Even the unlucky investors who jumped into the market at its peak in October 2007 eventually made their money back when stocks reclaimed their pre-recession levels in 2013.

“Betting is more difficult and riskier,” said one resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, who bets on illegal gambling sites and also invests in stocks.

But take it from one person who has lots of experience in both worlds. Gambling on football star Peyton Manning to win might seem like a safe bet, especially compared with picking winners in the stock market.

To put it another way, the stock market is a lot more forgiving than the MGM Grand (let alone your local sports bookie).

A stock can theoretically be held onto for an infinite amount of time, but a sports bet can end in the blink of an eye. And in neither instance can you be guaranteed to be correct,” said Randall Fine, managing director of The Fine Point Group, one of the casino industry’s largest consulting firms.

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Gamblers and investors also have far different time horizons. And of course, they both hate to lose. He asked for his identity to be withheld due to legal concerns.

CNNMoney (New York) First published August 31, 2014: 8:14 AM ET

Terms & Conditions apply

NMLS #1136

. The stock might go up and down some, but it typically doesn’t go to zero.

Related: 4 reasons September could be good for stocks

The betting appeal: Americans bet an estimated $380 billion each year on sports.

At the same time, investing in stocks actually carries higher upside potential.



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But don’t let those similarities fool you.

And investors have greater access to tools that can minimize the risk of losing money. Gambling on sports may be more fun, but it’s definitely a more risky use of money than putting it in the stock market.

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Investors also have the ability to spread their money out among many stocks.

“A large, steady company has a low chance of plummeting and causing you to lose all your money, but even Peyton Manning doesn’t cover the spread sometimes,” he said.

The same can’t be said for those who bet big on the Denver Broncos last Super Bowl. It’s easy to see why fans may be tempted to gamble on their favorite teams and athletes.

Those are pretty good odds.

All or nothing: Gambling on sports tends to be a zero-sum game.

“You can hold onto your betting tickets all your life, but you’re not going to get squat,” said Stovall.

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They both believe they can predict the future, and they sometimes fall into the trap of making decisions with their hearts instead of their brains.

Such hedging tools are not as readily or even feasible to sports gamblers, Fine said. A bettor gambling on the Green Bay Packers will instantly lose his or her entire $500 bet if Aaron Rodgers and his teammates fail to win or cover the spread.

That’s the percentage of time that Stovall’s research shows the S&P 500 — the gold standard in the stock market — has increased in value during the years since 1926. While many stocks offer steady returns, investors sometimes hit the jackpot (think: buying Apple back in early 2009 or Tesla in 2012).

“You’re making a wager based on some facts and some intuitions

Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers 2013: The Winners

We appreciate you.

101 Books

The Book Wheel

Arab Lit

Bookalicious Babe

Tumbling Books

Natalia Sylvester

In Which I Read Vintage Novels


Deliberate Reader

Living A Writing Life

We narrowed that list down to 20 book blog finalists.

And to all book bloggers, whether you won this year or not, thank you for spreading the love of books with others. Then, we had our expert judges rate each blog using a complicated formula. We asked you to help us find the best blogs for book lovers by nominating your favorite book blogs. So, thanks Scott!) You can see how the winners were chosen here.

If you’re a winner, post this award image on your blog sidebar, linking back to this page. Congratulations again!

Huge congratulations to the winners!

Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers AwardAt Story Cartel, we love books. We’re writers after all and statistics are not our forté. You responded with over 120 nominations.

We hope these excellent blogs help you satiate your love for books!

The Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers

Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers AwardBook lovers, make sure to check out these amazing blogs. (Which we actually had to seek outside help on. Spread the word, sharing the results through Facebook, Twitter, and with your book loving friends.

Casino-Gaming :: What Percentage Of Races Does The Favorite Horse Win?

Of course, this is providing that you placed a place or show bet.

If the horses just below the favorite have better odds, such as 4/1, 5/1 or better; then place your bet on those horses. Therefore, it is statistically speaking, a bad race to bet on. I suggest that you choose horse races with nine runners and 1/4 odds on the first three, or six runners with 1/4 odds on the first two. However, let us say that the race has just six runners, then you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning. Thus, I suggest that you limit yourself to horse races with either 6 or 9 horses running to have the best chance of winning.

In order to win a horse race, you might want to predict the winner by using statistical calculations instead. In a race with 20 runners you have a 1 in 20 chance of picking the winner. Often the odds on the horse most likely to win is poor. However, bookmakers/tracks usually only offer poor odds if you bet place or show on such a horse. You really need odds of at least 4/1 to win anything if the horse that you bet on places second or third. Remember, when you use this system, you are making your predictions on the odds. The reason being that the odds are often better than the favorite winning the race. In 2 out of 3 races some other horse wins.

Thus, the question asked is if you should bet on the horse most likely to win? Sometimes the answer to this is “no”. Remember, that your horse only has to come in the first three in a six or nine horse race for you to come away with a profit. Look at the odds being offered and if they are better on the second or third horse, then go for it.

As a general rule, the favorite will win about 1/3 of the time, but what is amazing is how often the favorite will place, especially when less than half of the field is 5-1 or lower. Of course, if you placed a win bet and the horse does win, then you will come away with lots of money. Thus, place your bet around 20 minutes to race time.

As one can see, it often is better to bet on a horse you think is going to place. In this case a favorite will place almost 100% of the time.

In a race with only six horses running, you have a 1 in 6 chance of picking a winner. Thus, you can see that the fewer the runners there are, the better your chances of winning. In my opinion, the secret of winning on the horses is to look at the statistics. . And do not forget, the horse still has a chance of winning too. For this reason, I do not always place my money on the horse that is predicted to win. The key point: is stay away from horse races where there are lots of runners!

Why does the horse predicted to place actually wins so many races? Maybe because the favorite usually only wins 1 in 3 races. If the odds are less than 4/1, then I suggest passing such a horse race

The 10 Greatest Race Horses of All Time

Man o’ War was the first great race horse to really capture the public’s imagination and raise horse racing in the public consciousness.

Seattle Slew – 14 wins from 17 starts. I’ve tried to include the very best of the best without regard to gender or racing surface. His lone loss, ironically to a horse named Upset, came during his 2-year-old season in the 1919 but hardly mars an otherwise dominating career. Fager – 18 wins from 22 starts. 15 of her 16 starts came in Group 1 or Grade 1 races, but her crowning achievement is surely her back to back victories in the Breeders Cup Mile, both in utterly dominant style.

Holy Bull – 13 wins from 16 starts. Brilliant, precocious, altogether the greatest horse of the 1990s (only Cigar can rival him). Beat Spectacular Bid in their only meeting, but was beaten handily by Seattle Slew in their two races.

Needless to say, this list represents one man’s subjective opinions as to the greatest of all time, and the horses represented here are only those who have raced on American soil. The only gelding on the list, “Mighty” Kelso, as he was inevitably described, was named Horse of the Year an incredible five times from 1960-1964, a feat that will surely never be matched. There’s fast, faster, and Dr. He might rank higher on this list if not for an unaccountably disastrous performance as the 2-1 favorite in the 1994 Kentucky Derby. Those who argue that many non-American horses deserve inclusion will get no argument from me. Twice named champion sprinter, and once Horse of the Year, he was among the best from 7 furlongs to 1 1/4 miles.

Miesque – 14 wins from 18 starts. Only denied a Triple Crown by a poorly judged ride in the Belmont Stakes by Ron Franklin. His Triple Crown battles with Alydar will never by forgotten.

Affirmed – 22 wins from 29 starts. Undefeated as a 2-year-old, Triple Crown winner at 3. Pity poor Sham, an outstanding racehorse in his own right, who was a game second in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness before being annihilated with all the rest in Secretariat’s incomparable Belmont Stakes win, during which he set a world record for 12 furlongs that still stands to this day.

Man o’ War – 20 wins from 21 starts. His Kentucky Derby win, which came despite being rushed to the lead by Jean Cruguet after an awkward start, may be the greatest ever.

Secretariat – 16 wins from 21 starts. The greatest of the great, his triple crown campaign, during which he set official track records at Churchill Downs and Belmont Park, and an unofficial track record at Pimlico, will never be exceeded or even matched. The only filly, the only foreign-bred, and the only turf horse on this list, which says something about her greatness. Perhaps not as consistent as others on this list, but his durability and willingness to take on all comers more than compensates.

Native Dancer – 21 wins from 22 starts. Other Horse Racing Articles By This Author:

Honorable Mentions: Sunday Silence, Easy Goer, Buckpasser, Ghostzapper, Count Fleet, War Admiral, Seabiscuit, Damascus, Cigar, Personal Ensign, Ruffian, Risen Star, John Henry, Swaps. Crushed Affirmed in their two meetings a Belmont Park in the fall of 1978.

Spectacular Bid – 26 wins from 30 starts. Champion two and three-year old. A threat to break the track record every time he stepped on the racetrack, his astonishing 1:57.4 in the 1980 Strub still stands as the record for 10 furlongs at Santa Anita

Kelso – 39 wins from 63 starts. Fager. Only a narrow loss to Dark Star after a rough trip in the 1953 Kentucky Derby blemishes an otherwise perfect career

Dr. Great fillies like Personal Ensign and Ruffian did not make the list simply because I don’t think that on their best day they could beat any of the horses on this list on their best days (see also my article about Rachel Alexandra, about whom I would say the same.) Without further ado, the 10 Greatest Race Horses of All Time:. His heart and intelligence combined with speed and stamina to make him one of the all time great champions

Theory of Group Development – Tuckmans 5 Stages

This stage is not completely addressed in Donald Egolf’s book on Tuckman’s stages of group development but it is good to consider even when reading older studies on the theory.

Norming is the third stage and often signifies a sound group as many groups do not exist beyond the second stage. Group cohesiveness forms and the group can now accomplish more than the individuals could achieve acting alone. All options are fair game.

The Stages Of Team Development

The five stages of Bruce W Tuckman’s Theory of Group Development Process (otherwise known as Tuckman’s 5 stages) originated in 1965 with 4 stages: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. This process can vary in duration significantly as some groups are formed with little thought and others are formed over a long and drawn out methodical method.

Forming is the first stage of Tuckman’s 5 stage model of group development. Often this stage affects members with a sense of loss after having worked with others so long and so closely. This stage is also known as an “ice-breaking” stage where all the group members, unsure about who everybody is and what their roles are, get to know one another. These groups often have a member “other than the leader” challenge the group to resolve its power struggles so something can be accomplished. Members in these groups move past finding roles in the group and begin identifying what others in the group expect from them and the various roles.

The fourth and last original group process in Tuckman’s theory is the group activity that is the easiest to imagine. Members ask how to refine their performance and coordinate a better group performance through optimization of job tasks through whatever means such as global outsourcing, better communication skills, or new business strategies. It is the Performing stage where all members activate and begin performing their duties as group members.

As a result of effective group development communication opens up and members get things done without slowing down the performance of others. Often members in this stage are eased into independence with celebrations and ceremonies that celebrate a “new beginning”. 12 years later, in 1977 Tuckman added a 5th stage, Adjourning to the process to address the issue of leaving a group and returning to independence.

Final Stage of Group Development

Although the fivth stage was not originally included in Tuckman’s Theory it is still considered an integral part of the model of group development by many acedemics.

Tuckman’s Theory of Group Development

Finally, 12 years later the process of departing the group and returning to individuality was added as the last of Tuckman’s stages of team development. In this stage members of the group begin to address the questions of “what is my role in this group? and Who does what in this group?” Group members begin testing the leader’s direction and decide whether the leader is right for the team. . This fifth stage is called adjourning and it is characterized as occurring after the work of the group is finished and the members begin moving on. Such ceremonies include graduations, funerals, retirement parties, etc.

Storming is the second stage of the process. They also test political positioning in the group hierarchy and sometimes splinter into subgroups

Best Haircuts for a Receding Hairline 2013

It’s important to be honest with yourself about what stage of the balding process you are at and learn to accept it (unless you plan to go through major surgery or take medication for life).

If the recession is slight, small shifts in the way you style your hair are possible and drastic measures are not necessary; trying a fringe or a shaggy surfer style may look good.

On the other hand, if your hairline is very high, a fringe can look like an obvious attempt to disguise a receding hairline and is barely ever successful.

If your only option is to go with a very short cut, try offsetting the style with some facial hair.

Shaggy Fringe

I have to stress that none of the suggested styles will disguise or hide the problem completely. One downside is the maintenance bald heads require: ideally shave every day to keep the look sleek and smooth. It’s the style that suits those men who are ready to accept that they are losing their hair and go with the flow. It is often the best way to go and can actually really suit a lot of fellas. Even some of the alternatives like medication, or specialised shampoos and lotions are a costly investment, as they have to be used continuously to be beneficial. If there is enough thickness in the hair, a shaggy fringe can be a fantastic way to draw attention away from the recession of the hairline and wearing the hair forward (also called ‘bangs’) will usually disguise the fact that there is a problem. If you are not quite ready to commit to the shaved head, this is the look for you. Several lengths of buzz cut are available, and clippers can be adjusted to suit. Works well on men in their late teens to late twenties.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers really helped me when I started losing my hair. To complete the shaggy look, ask for layers throughout the hair and for the fringe to fall to just above the eyebrows. These are applied to the hair in the thinning areas and recreate the fullness that as men we sorely miss as we get older.

See Toppik Hair Building Fibers on Amazon USA

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The shaved head or extremely close cut are often the only option for men who are in the advanced stages of recession, and they are usually more flattering than trying to hide what is patently obvious.

If you’re feeling daring and aren’t ready to leave your youth behind you yet, this haircut is actually a subtle way of diverting the eye from hair loss around the temples. The top is left a little longer and tapers down into a fringe. The last resort any man should turn to is the comb-over; this consists of a length of hair grown on one side and swept over the top of the head which is completely bald. The Crop

Wigs and hair systems can be unconvincing and sometimes make men appear older rather than younger.

The Buzz


The Caesar

The brush cut: the hair is short and cut to the shape of the head along the sides and back, but remains slightly longer on top, sticking up like a brush.

The butch cut: an all-over 1/4-inch cut.

The burr cut: an all-over cut of 1/8 inch or less.

What to consider

Growing what remains of your hair and tying it into a pony-tail looks dated, and opting for a thick ring of hair in the style of Friar Tuck, whilst your bald spot shines in the sun isn’t usually a good look either. Ask your hairdresser to cut the hair in a choppy, almost spiky way and quite short all over. Why not consider a new hair style instead? Depending upon the severity of your balding, there are styles that are flattering for those of us with a diminishing hairline. Shaving your head completely is guaranteed to get rid of any inkling of a receding hairline. Three types of buzz cut are;

Completely bald. This cut can work on men in their early twenties to much older guys and is often sported by George Clooney.

When working with a receding hairline, consider the severity of your condition carefully.

Buzz cuts use clippers to closely shave the scalp. Rather they will give you a fresh, modern look and steer you clear of the dreaded comb-over.

Or see Toppik Hair Building Fibers on Amazon in the UK

What about styles for men who are losing their hair?

If none of these methods for preventing or disguising your receding hairline appeal to you, all is not lost. Again, mainly suitable for those men who have a newly receding hairline (although it can work for those at a slightly more developed stage of hair loss), this style takes the haircut much shorter. They won’t help regrow your hair but they certainly aided my transition as I came to accept that my follicles were weakening and I was receding.

Named after the famous Roman Emperor, the Caesar cut takes advantage of a fringe too. The look works well with a mid length to very cropped fringe and the cut takes the hair around the sides and back of the head extremely close. Wigs, toupees and hair systems have improved dramatically, but they rarely look real and can be very itchy and uncomfortable. There are options here for all cases from young men with minor thinning of the hair at the front of their head, to slightly older gents with a full widow’s peak.

A great hairstyle for a receding hairline is the crop. It never looks flattering, so take my advice; no matter how desperate you get, don’t do it! Instead, consider one of the other hairstyles for men with receding hairlines listed above.

A great, more affordable option, that I have personal experience of is Toppik electrostatic fibres. This cut takes the hair fairly short all over, and is suitable for those men in the mid hair-loss stage, where the hairline has shifted slightly further back. The other draw-back with these products is that they don’t help to re-grow hair, rather they only prevent further hair loss.

A word of warning

There are a few fashionable ways to wear your hair if you are balding, but by the same token, there are several haircuts that simply will not work. There is no real attempt to hide your receding hairline here, but the look is flattering for just this reason. The key is to keep the look messy and haphazard.

Options for men with thinning hair

For many men, a receding hair line is a fact of life they are going to have to learn to cope with. Please note that, if you feel you will look more like Uncle Fester than Telly Savalas, it is normally not necessary to go all the way with a bald head; most men can pull off a buzz-cut as a less harsh alternative.

A shaggy fringe really suits men who are in the early stages of hair loss, although it can make some guys look like an eternal teenager. The product comes in several shades to suit your natural colour and the fibers simply fill in the gaps where your hair used to be; they aren’t at all visible to the human eye. When styling, use gel or wax to randomly ease the hair inwards to the centre of your head. The crop suits men of any age, but works best on those with well-defined features.

Thicken your hair with Rogaine

More styles for men with receding hairThe Faux Hawk

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This is an option for those men who have a greater problem than just a receding hairline. With ultra-short shaved hair, bald patches stand out far less on the scalp. Not everybody can afford expensive surgical hair restoration procedures

“Parlay-Mania” Starts at Delaware Park with Opening of Delaware Park Race and Sports Book

“In the last week, the excitement has been building,” Fasy said during

today’s press conference. today, Chuck Rudd of Newark, Delaware, approached the counter

at the newly opened Delaware Park Race and Sports Book and did something

that isn’t legal anywhere else east of the Rockies–he placed a bet on

NFL games.

Delaware Park is a multi-faceted gaming facility offering guests live

seasonal thoroughbred racing, year-round simulcasting from around the

globe, nearly 3,000 exciting slot machines on two spacious levels, one

of only three sports parlay betting venues on the East Coast and White

Clay Creek Country Club, featuring a world class 18-hole championship

golf course. “We think NFL fans will embrace parlay sports


Parlay cards will be available in the Delaware Park Race and Sports Book

area each Thursday by noon.

Delaware Park (,

along with the other two Delaware casinos, recently gained approval to

offer parlay sports betting on NFL games and with his $20 wager on the

Eagles, Ravens and Colts, Rudd became the first person to make a sports

wager at the casino’s state-of-the-art sports book.

About Delaware Park

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

. “As a sports fan, I never thought sports

betting would be legalized outside Nevada, but it’s a great new offering

to bring to the state of Delaware that will give citizens an exciting

new entertainment option.”

For more information on parlay sports betting at Delaware Park, visit

Bill Fasy, president of Delaware Park, hosted a press conference to mark

the opening and said he is optimistic that parlay sports betting will be

popular with sports fans.

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At 10 a.m. Delaware Park is located minutes south of Wilmington and

the Delaware Memorial Bridge and just north of the Maryland state line

on I-95 at exit 4B. For more information on Delaware Park, visit

Delaware Park offers parlay sports betting (parlay cards and

off-the-board parlays) on NFL games in the ultimate gaming facility,

featuring state-of-the-art, floor-to-ceiling video screens with displays

of sporting events throughout the nation and a board with updated

information. In fact, with all the inquiries we have been getting, we have

started calling it, Parlay-Mania. The entire staff at Delaware Park has

worked hard to ensure we provide the very best atmosphere and customer

service for our guests to watch and wager on NFL games.”

“It feels good to be the first bettor,” said Rudd, who stands to pocket

$110 if his selected teams win. Parlay bets are accepted on a minimum of three NFL games

Don’t Bet on It: Sports Gambling in America

They should come prepared with an answer.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s op-ed in the New York Times calls upon Congress to change the nation’s laws to adopt a federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports. To recognize the reality that hundreds of billions of dollars are bet annually — and illegally — on sports is an enormous breakthrough even if the NBA is the only sport to recognize the fact. At the same time, all team sports have discovered the marketing advantages of adopting fantasy games, some of which approach sports gambling when a participant can chose a new team each week. Perhaps fair-minded individuals will see the proposal for what it is — an effort to respond to reality and minimize some of the unfortunate consequences of having to place bets with a bookie in violation of the law. So far, the Rocky Mountain high has not caused Denver to rise about its mile limit. The sports establishment is vigilant in protecting the integrity of the product, and it will remain so if gambling is legalized, regulated and taxed.

Gambling on sporting events is legal throughout most of the world. Few turn on the games, especially football, without knowing the betting line. We will see this trend continue.

. Of course, gambling depends upon the games remaining unfixed. No one has suggested that this fact of the sporting life be abolished, even if it were possible. I would be surprised if the other commissioners follow Silver’s lead, but they will be asked.

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from…

Adam Silver’s approach calls for federal legislation that would allow states to decide whether they would authorize sports gambling. It is time to legalize, regulate and tax it.

We now await input from the commissioners of the football, baseball and hockey leagues. We are now experimenting with legalizing marijuana for recreational use. What Silver has done is to present the issue for public discussion.

There can be little question that sports gambling is a vice — much like drinking and playing the lottery. The availability of gambling online makes that easy to accomplish. It is a courageous position for a sports commissioner to take. Only five states do not have a state lottery, but even some of those states have casino gambling. They have been steadfast in opposition to the spread of legalized sports betting, most recently with regard to New Jersey’s effort to resuscitate Atlantic City by following the Nevada “sports book” model. Once the states impose their regulations and their taxation on this activity, gambling on professional sports in America will be universal.

Gambling on professional sports will go on whatever we do. For some, the greatest joy comes from gambling on the uncertain outcomes of these contests. Were this to be enacted, state sports gambling would spread like the lottery.

How will politicians react to Silver’s proposal? If President Obama likes the idea — he dutifully fills out his bracket each March on the NCAA basketball tourney — then for sure the Republican majorities will oppose any change in the law. Adam Silver is right.

What then are the chances that the other sports leagues and the politicians will go along with Adam Silver’s proposal? In the short run, I would not bet on it.

We have entered a new phase of American history where some folks have begun to realize that prohibiting certain vices is foolish or just ineffective. It is ubiquitous. Alcohol continues to cause much more harm to society than illegal narcotics, but we learned the hard way that Prohibition generated far more problems than it solved. There is no reason to think that were Congress to give its consent in a fairly short period of time we would see a “sports book” in almost every jurisdiction. However, we have passed the point of trying to decide whether gambling on sports provides some sort of benefit to society. Professional sports think that gambling means that their games will not be decided on the merits, that fixers will invade their enterprises and cause spectators and fans to lose interest in patronizing their entertainment businesses